Friday, January 9, 2015

Why is Sri Vidhya known as "Sri" Vidhya

Sri Vidhya is Tantric system of worshiping Goddess. It is well developed form of Shakt Tantra. We have discussed about Das Mahavidhya earlier. Before understanding what is Sri Vidhya, lets understand why is Sri Vidhya known so. Lalita, Rajrajeshwari, Maha Tripursundari, Bala, Panchdashi and Shodashi are various forms of Sri Vidhya. Although they are same in their core and origin but represent various states and indicate different forms of consciousness. In Das Mahavidhya "Shodhashi" Vidhya is a form of Sri Vidhya.

Goddess of Sri Vidhya- Maha Tripura Sundari

Generally for Bhakt, the god or goddess he worships is the only one praise worthy, glorious and superior to Brahm. If we understand by this point of view, Kali, Shodashi, Tara and other Goddesses of Das Mahavidhya are same. There would be no need to understand various forms and represent various qualities of them. In a way it is also right for a Bhakt (Devotee) to regard  his God as superior to all. Like for a Bhakt of Tara, Tara Goddess will be superior to all other goddess of Das Mahavidhya and it cannot be seen as disrespectful or inappropriate. But so cannot be said about Sri-Vidhya its glory and importance is real and not Bhakti induced.

In Das Mahavidhya, the first three Goddess that are 1. Kali 2. Tara and 3. Shodashi are principal Vidhyas. From them emerge Nine Vidhyas and one ancient Vidhya together are known as Das Mahavidhya. In the root, three vidhya emerge from one. So in real core there is only one Vidhya that is Sri Vidhya. 

It is also known as Brahm Vidhya or Brahmamayi. The word Brahm Vidhya is mentioned in the end of every chapter of Bhagwat Gita. When we use the word Brahm Vidhya we are talking about the imperishable force that is the support and foundation of this whole universe. I will discuss later about why is Brahm Vidhya known as support and foundation of the whole universe. The word Sri Vidhya is percipient to Mantra of Sri Tripura Sundari and its ruler goddess. The most known meaning of word "Sri" is "Laxmi" but in Harinayat sanghita, Brahmandpuranoterkhand and in other Puranas, the stories mainly implicate "Sri" as Maha Tripura Sundari. MahaLakshmi was blessed to be known as "Sri" by Maha Tripura Sundari after she did a very long Sadhana of Maha Tripura Sundari. Since then Sri Word became synonymous to Maha Lakshmi. So the word Sri is ancillary word for Maha Lakshmi. It makes very clear that the Vidhya given by MahaTripura Sundari is "Sri Vidhya" As there is no difference between speaker and  voice so the ruler of the Mantra is also known as Sri Vidhya. Sri word is synomymous to superiority. Even in Shastra it is found that according to various classes of superiority Sri is added in front of the name 3, 4, 5 or 6 times. Now-a-days we see people adding even 1008 times Sri in front of their names. Understandably Sri means superior and worshippable. Although the most superior is Brahm, and word "Sri" gives us the hint of presence of Brahm Kala. Brahm Kala is present in some measure where Sri is used before names like Sri Vishnu, Sri Shiva, Sri Kali, Sri Durga, and many more. The cause of everything, Maha Tripura Sundari is the form of Brahm so she only known by word "Sri"

                                                         सा हि श्रीरमृता सताम्

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Hindi poetry book- Jab tum yaad aaye!

IMSCON recommends this book to every Hindi reader. Buy it to support the cause as money generated from it shall be used for girl-child literacy.

प्रिय पाठकों
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अपना नाम पता शहर पिन कोड व फोन नंबर उन्हें प्रेषित कर सकते हैं

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Symbols can make your desires come true!

Four clover leaf symbol of luck
Symbology or Prateek Vigyan is the science that is beyond the understanding of an uninitiated. The word science has been used as symbology has its logics and explanations for all the rational minds looking into it. For a layman to understand the logics is difficult as he may confront many unknown terms. A basic initiation leads to clear comprehension and realization of not only the self but also the ingredients of universe. Although it is less known about but not less worked or less experiences about. We all come across symbols and signs that trigger various emotions within us.  The whole universe can be depicted entirely on symbols. The mysteriously language of symbols rules the world.
Signs and symbols rule the world not rules and laws- Confucius
It may sound secretive but at the same it is simple and penetrates life of every human. No human can live without the presence of symbols around. They are personal to you, pulling you towards unknown darkness or pushing you towards light of success. Every being has their own set of personal symbols. The symbols make their life what it is. Some are lineage symbols that you get from your ancestors, on which lies your beliefs, principles and faith and some you acquire in the process of understanding the self. An unheard conversation takes place between the chosen, unchosen symbols and you. The conversation goes unheard due to the prevailing unawareness.  Sometimes when heard, it may seem to be scary if it conveys something that you don’t wish for. The unwanted conversation is just because of erroneous symbols you have picked along the journey. Comes in here a call for obvious necessity to pick the right ones.
Square symbol of
Symbols forms a bridge from known to the unknown raising consciousness as they convey something more than the apparent meaning. The Master says “You are what your thoughts have made you; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far. And thoughts are interplay of symbols.. images and imageries . So better you have control on the inherent design of array of symbols the more more aligned you get towards the thought over goal of your energies”
Carl Jung uses the word “ archetype” for the universal symbols that possess greater constancy and potentiality for psychic evolution. The symbol point towards the superior and higher from the inferior and lower. He states  “The psychological mechanism that transforms energy is the symbol.” (Symbols of Transformation, 1956)
Raining money symbol
of wealth
Consciously we are attached to only this birth and understand and apprehend only through the limited knowledge we have gained in the limited remembered years on earth. Our subconscious mind, knows much more, recognizes much more and understands much more. It can easily relate to the symbols that are ancient and unrecognizable by our cognizant self. So the ancient symbols have their own importance in the studies of symbols. An unintentional relation formed between us and symbols have an ancient trail of happenings.
A smiling face is a symbol of positivity, happiness and joy, so when you see someone around you smiling you feel good. This is a simple example where a symbol consciously relates to you. can you carry your positivity if you see depressed and distressed people around? It is difficult. Symbology facilitates the positive thought process by directly linking to your subconscious side. It can be done by using positive energy emanating symbols. you can change your unknown conversation into a needed and identified one by connecting to a symbol representing your dreams and goals. When an accurate symbol is chosen by the master it has the ability to penetrate the deep layers of your psyche, washing away the negativity and raising positivity from within. Symbols when connects
Sri Yantra symbol
of spiritual ascension
with your inner self opens the dead locks and introduces to various avenues in your life. Symbology is an ancient science having the ability to convert all your desires into reality. You directly converse with your inner self through pictures, signs and symbols and that is the language that it understands. Symbols tap within you a vast, boundless sea of knowledge, potential and wisdom.
I welcome you all to this mystical world of symbols. Enjoy understanding and knowing the symbols. Some may entice you enough to enter into your lives.Let me know if they do. You can write to me at divine.devpriya at sacredassociation dot org, about your desires and wishes and consult about which symbol and related practices for their manifestation. You will be  a witness to how miraculously a symbol can change your life. There are thousands of symbols ancient, new age, religious symbols, planetory symbols, occult symbols, celtic symbols and many more but which one is for you? 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


International Mission for Shakti Consciousness (IMSCON) pioneered by Ma Shakti Devpriya is yet another initiative from Sacred Association dedicated to the empowerment of women from all walks of life with special focus on rural women. Every woman is a living Goddess in true sense. And IMSCON is about invoking the goddess ‘Shakti’ in every woman by providing them encouragement, support and the much needed platform for showcasing their achievements.

There are various programs run under IMSCON. Ma Shakti Devpriya personally visits various Rural areas and tries to talk and find out the problems and predicaments of women. She gives them easy and affordable solutions too. She has traveled a lot in Central India visiting various villages. Time to time various workshops are also held for teaching meditation and yog asanas specially for women. Ma Shakti Devpriya feels that Woman is the back bone of every house, so encouraging and strengthening a woman, will help the whole family grow and advance. In Urban areas women are given free computer education and taught simple works like sewing. 

IMSCON is continuously working for betterment of society by supporting and encouraging woman. If you find any situation where our intervention will help, we will be happy to know about it. 

Workshops of Shakti Tantra also come under IMSCON. Ma Shakti Devpriya strongly believes that every woman has a potential to grow spiritually and only a spiritually sound woman can support a family in a nourishing and progressing way. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Experience Shakti in you!

Every women is an embodiment of divine Shakti.
We may not realize the immense potential we carry within us. The Divine Mother in all her sacred forms and insights is guiding us continuously. But still we feel the disconnect so many times in our life. Many times we feel that there is a miss of divine flow and expression in our life. It is the time, when we start thinking of our self as very normal and not an embodiment of the divine energy. I have met many women who tell me "I don't believe I have any connection with divine" which clearly means they are not AWARE of the divine sacred energies flowing through them.

Many women also come to me and ask "How can I experience the presence of Divine Sacred energy flowing in my life." The only reason that you are not experiencing love, peace, divinity and sacredness in our life is that we are allowing it. You are not feeling the connection because you are not trying to make the connection. You are holding yourself back.

The first step is to "Let go"
                                      To break the barriers, the mental barriers that hold you and cage you in your own mental image. Mind is very busy all the time 24x7 it is busy, chattering and chattering. It  is not having time to think about anything else but just Worry about petty issues. "Let go" your worries, disappointments and negative thinking for once and let the divine energy flow within you. Let go everything that holds you back, the more you cling to it, the more stronger and influential it will become. Why not let the divine influence our life? Let go your need to be busy always. It is always good to make priorities in your life and work according to them. This will save you from spending energy unnecessarily on various not so important things. "I am busy taking my nap or sleeping" also comes here. This "Let go" exercise is to relax you and your continuously working  nerves. Say often to yourself "Relax" and "Let go"

"Getting Aware"
                             As you start to let go, you will find yourself free from many disturbances and influences. Your mind is now ready to accept divine intervention and plan in your life. You have found a better and calm state of mind. You are able to now focus on connecting. You mind has learned to let go and accept. Now is the time to get aware, of the divine play in your life.

The feminine energy within you is a continuous reminder of presence of Divine Mother. The women is a dynamic form of energy, as Shakti that is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe. Shakti is present in both male and females, but here I am talking to females, letting them experience the Power of Shakti within them.

Sit in a comfortable position. Place your palms in front of each other at the level of your heart. Move them clockwise for few seconds and now start moving them anticlockwise for other few seconds. You will feel a formation of an energy ball between your palms. Mentally pray to this energy to move into your heart,  filling your heart with loving and compassionate energies. Feel the energy ball moving behind your heart. Now as you exhale and inhale, feel as you are breathing from your heart. Inhale the energy from the energy ball and exhale from the front of your heart. Recognize that your are inhaling and exhaling Shakti. 
Become Aware of the your root chakra. The energy from the heart is now moving from your root chakra towards your heart, and reaching towards your crown chakra. The energy ball is like an backrest, supporting you and providing lots of energy to you. Let your attention flow from the root chakra to the heart and from the heart to the crown chakra and then back again. There is abundant energy now within you. You may have various experiences like tingling expansion or just a subtle feeling of electricity. This is the Shakti flowing within you. Be filled with gratitude and love towards this energy. Gently bring your attention to your breath and enjoy the subtle movement of Shakti within you. 
The Divine Shakti will cleanse you inside out and you will feel calm and energized both after this wonderful exercise. 

Become a witness of the process and you will discover various ways the Shakti will manifest. Listen to small gestures of Shakti, what it says about your body, heart and mind. You can learn incredible things about your essence and your own subtle energy. Start to release any discomfort, mental or physical to the Shakti. The deeper connections you make with Shakti, the more manifestations of Shakti you experience in your life.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Das Mahavidhya is referred to as 10 Wisdom Goddesses. There are various stories about how 10 Maha Vidhyas came into existence. The Wisdom Goddesses give us insights, knowledge and teach us about the essential energies that guide us in our spiritual ascension.

The first love story of the existence was of Shiva and Shakti. The association is so beautiful and warming. Sati, consort of Shiva had married him against the wishes of her father, Daksha Prajapati. But love does not know boundaries and Sati a princess, left her palace to live with Shiva in jungles of Kailash. Daksha who was furious on this decision of Sati, decided to do something to insult Shiva. He performed a big magnificent Yagna, to which he invited all god and goddesses except his son in law Shiva.

But when Sati came to know about the Yagna from Narad Muni, she asked Shiva for permission to go to the Yagna. She wanted to go to get the benefits of the Yagna for her beloved husband. Shiva said that Daksha was trying to insult him, so even if Sati attends the Yagna, the fruit of Yagna will not be auspicious. He stopped Sati from going on which Sati go very furious. She thought that Shiva was treating her like a ignorant lady, but she was the mother of universe. She assumed her real form, the one of Divine Mother. There was a great agitation in the universe. The universe could not stand the wonder of Divine Mother, the mountains shook, oceans raged and earth moved.

Seeing the furious form of Sati, Shiva began to shake and tried to flee. But Ten Divine Forms stopped him from all the ten directions. She closed all the escape routes.

These are the 10 Mahavidhyas. Although the Divine mother decided to show her all ten forms here but every form is having a different story, form and mantra. Sacred Tantra teaches you about the insights, wisdom and meditation related to every Goddesses.