Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Experience Shakti in you!

Every women is an embodiment of divine Shakti.
We may not realize the immense potential we carry within us. The Divine Mother in all her sacred forms and insights is guiding us continuously. But still we feel the disconnect so many times in our life. Many times we feel that there is a miss of divine flow and expression in our life. It is the time, when we start thinking of our self as very normal and not an embodiment of the divine energy. I have met many women who tell me "I don't believe I have any connection with divine" which clearly means they are not AWARE of the divine sacred energies flowing through them.

Many women also come to me and ask "How can I experience the presence of Divine Sacred energy flowing in my life." The only reason that you are not experiencing love, peace, divinity and sacredness in our life is that we are allowing it. You are not feeling the connection because you are not trying to make the connection. You are holding yourself back.

The first step is to "Let go"
                                      To break the barriers, the mental barriers that hold you and cage you in your own mental image. Mind is very busy all the time 24x7 it is busy, chattering and chattering. It  is not having time to think about anything else but just Worry about petty issues. "Let go" your worries, disappointments and negative thinking for once and let the divine energy flow within you. Let go everything that holds you back, the more you cling to it, the more stronger and influential it will become. Why not let the divine influence our life? Let go your need to be busy always. It is always good to make priorities in your life and work according to them. This will save you from spending energy unnecessarily on various not so important things. "I am busy taking my nap or sleeping" also comes here. This "Let go" exercise is to relax you and your continuously working  nerves. Say often to yourself "Relax" and "Let go"

"Getting Aware"
                             As you start to let go, you will find yourself free from many disturbances and influences. Your mind is now ready to accept divine intervention and plan in your life. You have found a better and calm state of mind. You are able to now focus on connecting. You mind has learned to let go and accept. Now is the time to get aware, of the divine play in your life.

The feminine energy within you is a continuous reminder of presence of Divine Mother. The women is a dynamic form of energy, as Shakti that is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe. Shakti is present in both male and females, but here I am talking to females, letting them experience the Power of Shakti within them.

Sit in a comfortable position. Place your palms in front of each other at the level of your heart. Move them clockwise for few seconds and now start moving them anticlockwise for other few seconds. You will feel a formation of an energy ball between your palms. Mentally pray to this energy to move into your heart,  filling your heart with loving and compassionate energies. Feel the energy ball moving behind your heart. Now as you exhale and inhale, feel as you are breathing from your heart. Inhale the energy from the energy ball and exhale from the front of your heart. Recognize that your are inhaling and exhaling Shakti. 
Become Aware of the your root chakra. The energy from the heart is now moving from your root chakra towards your heart, and reaching towards your crown chakra. The energy ball is like an backrest, supporting you and providing lots of energy to you. Let your attention flow from the root chakra to the heart and from the heart to the crown chakra and then back again. There is abundant energy now within you. You may have various experiences like tingling expansion or just a subtle feeling of electricity. This is the Shakti flowing within you. Be filled with gratitude and love towards this energy. Gently bring your attention to your breath and enjoy the subtle movement of Shakti within you. 
The Divine Shakti will cleanse you inside out and you will feel calm and energized both after this wonderful exercise. 

Become a witness of the process and you will discover various ways the Shakti will manifest. Listen to small gestures of Shakti, what it says about your body, heart and mind. You can learn incredible things about your essence and your own subtle energy. Start to release any discomfort, mental or physical to the Shakti. The deeper connections you make with Shakti, the more manifestations of Shakti you experience in your life.

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