Wednesday, September 3, 2014


International Mission for Shakti Consciousness (IMSCON) pioneered by Ma Shakti Devpriya is yet another initiative from Sacred Association dedicated to the empowerment of women from all walks of life with special focus on rural women. Every woman is a living Goddess in true sense. And IMSCON is about invoking the goddess ‘Shakti’ in every woman by providing them encouragement, support and the much needed platform for showcasing their achievements.

There are various programs run under IMSCON. Ma Shakti Devpriya personally visits various Rural areas and tries to talk and find out the problems and predicaments of women. She gives them easy and affordable solutions too. She has traveled a lot in Central India visiting various villages. Time to time various workshops are also held for teaching meditation and yog asanas specially for women. Ma Shakti Devpriya feels that Woman is the back bone of every house, so encouraging and strengthening a woman, will help the whole family grow and advance. In Urban areas women are given free computer education and taught simple works like sewing. 

IMSCON is continuously working for betterment of society by supporting and encouraging woman. If you find any situation where our intervention will help, we will be happy to know about it. 

Workshops of Shakti Tantra also come under IMSCON. Ma Shakti Devpriya strongly believes that every woman has a potential to grow spiritually and only a spiritually sound woman can support a family in a nourishing and progressing way. 

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