Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Symbols can make your desires come true!

Four clover leaf symbol of luck
Symbology or Prateek Vigyan is the science that is beyond the understanding of an uninitiated. The word science has been used as symbology has its logics and explanations for all the rational minds looking into it. For a layman to understand the logics is difficult as he may confront many unknown terms. A basic initiation leads to clear comprehension and realization of not only the self but also the ingredients of universe. Although it is less known about but not less worked or less experiences about. We all come across symbols and signs that trigger various emotions within us.  The whole universe can be depicted entirely on symbols. The mysteriously language of symbols rules the world.
Signs and symbols rule the world not rules and laws- Confucius
It may sound secretive but at the same it is simple and penetrates life of every human. No human can live without the presence of symbols around. They are personal to you, pulling you towards unknown darkness or pushing you towards light of success. Every being has their own set of personal symbols. The symbols make their life what it is. Some are lineage symbols that you get from your ancestors, on which lies your beliefs, principles and faith and some you acquire in the process of understanding the self. An unheard conversation takes place between the chosen, unchosen symbols and you. The conversation goes unheard due to the prevailing unawareness.  Sometimes when heard, it may seem to be scary if it conveys something that you don’t wish for. The unwanted conversation is just because of erroneous symbols you have picked along the journey. Comes in here a call for obvious necessity to pick the right ones.
Square symbol of
Symbols forms a bridge from known to the unknown raising consciousness as they convey something more than the apparent meaning. The Master says “You are what your thoughts have made you; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far. And thoughts are interplay of symbols.. images and imageries . So better you have control on the inherent design of array of symbols the more more aligned you get towards the thought over goal of your energies”
Carl Jung uses the word “ archetype” for the universal symbols that possess greater constancy and potentiality for psychic evolution. The symbol point towards the superior and higher from the inferior and lower. He states  “The psychological mechanism that transforms energy is the symbol.” (Symbols of Transformation, 1956)
Raining money symbol
of wealth
Consciously we are attached to only this birth and understand and apprehend only through the limited knowledge we have gained in the limited remembered years on earth. Our subconscious mind, knows much more, recognizes much more and understands much more. It can easily relate to the symbols that are ancient and unrecognizable by our cognizant self. So the ancient symbols have their own importance in the studies of symbols. An unintentional relation formed between us and symbols have an ancient trail of happenings.
A smiling face is a symbol of positivity, happiness and joy, so when you see someone around you smiling you feel good. This is a simple example where a symbol consciously relates to you. can you carry your positivity if you see depressed and distressed people around? It is difficult. Symbology facilitates the positive thought process by directly linking to your subconscious side. It can be done by using positive energy emanating symbols. you can change your unknown conversation into a needed and identified one by connecting to a symbol representing your dreams and goals. When an accurate symbol is chosen by the master it has the ability to penetrate the deep layers of your psyche, washing away the negativity and raising positivity from within. Symbols when connects
Sri Yantra symbol
of spiritual ascension
with your inner self opens the dead locks and introduces to various avenues in your life. Symbology is an ancient science having the ability to convert all your desires into reality. You directly converse with your inner self through pictures, signs and symbols and that is the language that it understands. Symbols tap within you a vast, boundless sea of knowledge, potential and wisdom.
I welcome you all to this mystical world of symbols. Enjoy understanding and knowing the symbols. Some may entice you enough to enter into your lives.Let me know if they do. You can write to me at divine.devpriya at sacredassociation dot org, about your desires and wishes and consult about which symbol and related practices for their manifestation. You will be  a witness to how miraculously a symbol can change your life. There are thousands of symbols ancient, new age, religious symbols, planetory symbols, occult symbols, celtic symbols and many more but which one is for you? 
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