Saturday, August 16, 2014

Health of your Chakras- Forgiveness and Compassion

Let your chakras be healed!!
Let your chakras be healed!!
“How can my Chakras be healed?”
A question frequently asked by practitioners. So much has been written and known about the chakras that as soon as a person enters into Sadhana, thinks of healing, activating and cleansing of chakras. There are lot many practices surrounding the same, various meditations, various breathing techniques and various color therapies. I do not say  this all do not work, certainly they do. But I cannot help thinking did Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Swami Rama, Ramana Maharishi and many more who had experienced enlightenment and Kundalini Jangran, had gone through these processes.
Well, even I am not sure of the reality. But there something very basic which we may be missing. And that is just so simple yet so tough that we tend to ignore the biggest facts of Chakra healing.
While looking at the teachings and life’s of all the Great Masters, I find my answer. The two attributes of which I am sure all the spiritual awakened Masters attained was of Forgiveness and Compassion.
The two qualities that start removing the blocks and cleansing the whole system, the moment you accept them completely without any if’s or but’s.
Once a person came to Gautam Buddha for Deeksha. Buddha asked him “Can you accept all the world and every person as they are? The person said “Yes” on which Buddha said “Think again may be you have left someone out” The person replies”Yes there is this one nasty man in my neighbour, I just cannot accept him, other then that I have no problem with anyone. That one person cannot cause problem in my Deeksha I am sure” Buddha says “Leave the whole world you just need to accept that one person, and when you are ready, I will give you Deeksha”
Forgiveness and Compassion has to be extended to every person without any strings attached. Without having a slightest of doubt. Many people say this, that I have forgiven everyone in my life. But still they are not able to free their hearts from bitterness. It takes great learning and understanding to realize ALL people and circumstances are worthy of forgiveness. Miraculously Universe keeps on giving circumstances for you to learn these two main rules of it. A negative emotion will just keep visiting you till you have truly felt, accepted, forgiven and released. The more we suppress our negative emotions, the more ways they find out to meet us yet again on our path to freedom. We will never be able to grow without addressing them.  Just after forgiveness, comes the next step of compassion.
Every person has a journey, and most of the times we are unaware of the unhealed, broken parts of the other. How can an unhealed broken person behave, how frustrated he can be or how much anger has he been harboring within him. We make our own story around the behavior of the other. Having compassion means to forgive and then accept him, for as he is. Either you accept or not, you will be the only person experiencing it all. It is your call to experience negative or positive.
The whole energy system of your responds to your decision. If you hold the grudge, the energies will stop moving, cleansing and get stagnated affecting the health of your chakras. If you decide to let go, forgive and fill your heart with a free flow of love and compassion, your energies start to flow cleanse and there by activating your chakras.
You are the decision maker. Do you want your chakras to be healed?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Relax your mind- It is the best supplement for healthy brain and body

|| Learn to Relax your Mind ||
|| Learn to Relax your Mind ||
Can we drink 1 teaspoon of honey + amla juice with lukewarm water in morning? Is it good for brain and body? – S G
Beloved SG,
I don’t think you are having any problems with your brain or for that matter with body.. but it seems your ‘mind’ is making you feel so. Unless one is infected or affected with some deadly fungi, virus or very old age the physical instrument ‘brain’ doesn’t become unhealthy however the functioning of the ‘brain’ manifested as ‘mind’ can always create a major hindrance in body’s normal ‘health-restoration-process’… through the brain of course.
You seem to be too much worried about the brain and body.. nothing unlikely though because majority of people have this issue. They thing their body is not working well while the real culprit is mind. They try all sorts of things, supplements, medication and what not but Alas! that doesn’t seem to work in such cases.
The best health supplement available for most people who think they are diseased is deep ‘Relaxation’. Now you may be wondering I am not saying ‘Meditation’.. I am not saying so because when people project their imagination on their action of meditation they expect unusual experiences. In the first place large number of people can’t meditate because they have neither mastered relaxation nor concentration completely. And meditation happens on its own when either of these two ripen with consistent practice.
SG, you think that Amla and Honey will do the trick. While it may do some good but if you spend sometime analyzing your own thoughts, desires (that includes the passion for healthy body and brain), thinking pattern, quality of interactions you have with others, your soliloquies and dreams you will understand that it is not in the ‘body’ or ‘brain’ but in the mind.  You need to understand your mind and once you know what are its temptations and compulsions you shall be able to give it ‘rest’ too.
I have received many questions from you in the past and I understand what sorts of games your mind is playing with you. So my advice to you is seek refuse in the commands of a Master. Attend satsang,that too without any intention of imposing your worldview on others, do some swadhayaya and may be your next question will not be about Honey, Amala, Garlic or Brahmi.. And we shall be discussing something more meaningful.
Don’t feel I am not concerned with your health. If you are able to walk, talk and think properly I consider you to be health but keep in mind.. whatever we do, whatever we eat.. we aren’t going to stay young forever. And that is the crux of the matter.. matter withers but mind can flower with each passing day if we have the intentions.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Causes and remedies of Sinus

There are many reasons for this condition to develop e.g. allergy, viral infection, bacterial infection, cough tendency of body (kapha prakriti), septum deviation and many more. These pathological conditions are treatable though it requires quite a disciplined approach from your side as well.
However one secret reason for sinusitis is psychological which none of the pathologist or medical expert will ever be able to tell you. That reason is - curbing your original passion in the childhood and settling for some other career (not of your liking) due to parental pressure. Many of those children who are coaxed to take up the career choices of their parent's liking and not theirs are prone to develop minor deviation in the nasal septum and suffer from nasal congestion. That is why I am always in the favor of finding your true passion before you settle in for your career. In today's world people identify careers with authority, money and fame associated with these and children being powerless succumb to undue pressures of their parents. And when child curbs his core desire it takes toll on his physiology and poor child suffers through his life.

Analyze yourself and identify the exact reason for your sinus problem and if you find the root cause to be psychological then even surgeries are not going to help. The problem shall recur despite surgical correction. However don't panic 'Tattva Shakti Vigyaan along with Shakti Healing' does have a solution for such cases. For pathological types ( do ascertain the reason for your sinus before trying to treat yourself) which are due to cough tendency of body, improper diet and routine, allergy etc. following can be tried -

1. Sleep early and get up early. Sleeping till late in the morning causes polyps to swell.
2. Improper or insufficient sleep increases the chance of allergic reactions in the body. Nasal cavity and lungs and eyes being the most vulnerable (due to direct exposure to outside environment) are affected the most.
3. Boosting your immune system is necessary to deal with this issue and for that you should have variety in food and also cut down on the food items which cause cough tendency for example yogurt or dahi in the night.
4. 10 minutes running after proper warm up shall help in bettering the blood circulation which shall wash away the toxic built-ups in your facial tissues.
5. Drinking warm water is most appropriate for sinus patient. Of course this also implies you should not have colas, beverages and icecream etc.
6. Nadi-Shodhana for 10 minutes and sarvaangasana for 2 minutes will help improve blood circulation in facial tissues thus reduce the problem in longer run (initially you may see worsening of the problem - don't worry and don't give up if it happens however ensure that the breathing rate is extremely slow.)
7. If you are not allergic to honey and shilajeet do take it along with milk everyday. As such people suffering from sinus should avoid milk without adding anything to it. If you are allergic to the above two things you may add one TSP of ground turmeric (powdered haldi) with milk. Always consume warm milk.
8. Avoid exposure to sudden temperature variations. And if you are accustomed to AC sleeping - make sure its temperature is set closet to the body temperature i.e. 27 degree Celsius.
9.  Learn jal-neti first as sootra-neti would be bit difficult and may hurt your inner nose (if not done properly or done in haste). Mix one TSP common salt in one liter of lukewarm water and do jal-neti regularly with it.
10.  Wash your face with warm water two to three times a day and do not apply too much pressure while wiping.

As I said earlier the expert advice must be taken to understand what type of sinus problem you have but if all the above things don't work you must check with doctor. Don't delay it as this may be caused by some other issue.

- AD