Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Did you mention yoga?

I gave a presentation recently not completely based upon yoga, although I did mention the Patanjali sutra's of Yoga. A doctor came and asked me at the end of the presentation, what was all the stuff about?He claimed to be well informed and said me "yoga is different physical postures and how did you relate the word Yoga with so many other terms as Yama and Niyama. And what does yoga have to do with Non-violence, Truth, Non-stealing. Baba Ramdev is the pioneer in Yoga and he does not preach all this."
Well frankly I have only once heard Baba Ramdev and he was teaching Kapal Bhatti and had given a loooooong list of shinning positive aspects. That was impressive, but I am really not aware about his sermons, if any. When I heard about the comment, I was taken aback on the amount on unawareness created in people. There are so many schools of yoga now a days. Power yoga, Laughter yoga, Nude yoga and so many of them. Ummm....What are they preaching and teaching....that is really a concern. So many of people don't even get to know the real essence of yoga. Few sets of physical postures designed to keep your body fit and skin glowing are not the end of it. I explained to the doctor, we nodded his head in agreement in the end but was my talk strong enough to wash away the strong belief he carried for years together and that too the belief coming from strong opponents. I wonder!!!
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