Sunday, December 6, 2009

The divine guide

Past few weeks had been really hectic for me. Being a lecturer in a college that is working for six days a week, only Sunday is the day when I can think of relaxing. From Monday I was waiting for Sunday to arrive so that I could sleep till late hours and than again spend the whole day sleeping. So what did I do today when the long awaited Sunday arrived. Yes I got a bit late in getting up. Got ready soon, had breakfast and than was sitting in sun reading today's newspaper. I felt the heat of sun on my just washed hair. As I raised my head and looked at the blank wall, I could feel and see the pranic energy( energy molecules in the air) it was such a beautiful sight. My mind got totally thoughtless and suddenly few insights came to my mind. They were the answers to the dilemma I was in since many days. Divine had showed me light!!! HE guides in so many ways. No I could not sleep and miss the beauty of the day. I kept sitting and saw the journey of sun and feeling the blessings. Have faith and divine will always show you the right path.
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